EcoZAP Activator


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EcoZAP Activator

EcoZAP Activator — A Natural Synergist
When added to conventional pesticides as a tank mix, EcoZap Activator has been proven to enhance the efficacy of pesticides labeled for mosquito control against pyrethroid-resistant (Aedes aegypti) (KDR- CDC Puerto Rican strain).

EcoZAP Offers a New Tool Against Mosquito Resistance
The reality of insect control is that many pests have developed resistance to older chemistries, thereby reducing the efficacy of these products, especially the synthetic pyrethroids and organophosphates. EcoZAP Activator is a novel, natural synergist from KeyPlex that offers a synergistic blend of botanicals that has been proven to enhance conventional insecticides. As a result, everyone involved in controlling mosquitoes and fighting resistance now has a new tool that can be easily added to their current abatement program that will manage resistance and improve overall results.

EcoZAP represents a proven insect control solution that resulted from more than 10 years of focused research and development. The product was proven effective in testing at Iowa State University that focused on controlling the (Aedes aegypti) mosquitoes with verified pyrethroid (KDR) resistance.

The product is available to professional users (mosquito abatement, government, military, etc.), all of whom will appreciate the safety offered by this botanical blend. For example, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has exempted botanical oils like those in EcoZAP from registration because they have been proven safe for humans and the environment. Plus, these botanicals are ubiquitous in the environment, widely used in industry, and are recognized as food-grade by the US FDA.

EcoZAP botanicals deliver results with a unique mode of action – they function as an octopamine blocker in the target pest. Octopamine works in an insect like adrenaline works in a human. This chemical, octopamine, regulates an insect’s heart rate, muscle coordination, movement, behavior, metabolism and even reproduction. By blocking the octopamine receptors in mosquitoes, the insect becomes confused and unable to detoxify the conventional pesticide, thereby enhancing its activity, both in terms of knockdown and mortality.

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