Mosquito Control

EcoZAP-ActivatorMosquito Control

Combat Resistance

EcoZAP Activator is a natural synergist.

  • 3% EcoZAP Activator enhances current spray chemistry in ULV and fogging programs.
  • EcoZAP Activator offers proven efficacy against pyrethroid-resistant (KDR) Aedes aegypti (Puerto Rican strain CDC)
  • This product was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense (DWFP) three-year grant to study synergists.
  • EcoZAP Activator acts at a unique site (octopamine) where it synergizes and enhances conventional chemistries.
  • The product is EPA exempt.
  • EcoZAP Activator is safe around children and pets.

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