About KeyPlex

KeyPlex’s micronutrient and biocontrol (bio-pesticides) products are part art and part science – your source to unlock the complexity of plant health and vector control.

KeyPlex serves the agricultural and the mosquito abatement community with highly-effective plant nutritionals and bio-control products. Founded in 1980 by Dr. Irwin Morse, a Miami surgeon and cancer researcher, and George Butler, a prominent Homestead nurseryman, KeyPlex provides the number one product(s) growers can trust.

Through KeyPlex’s ongoing research and development programs with our customers, scientists, science advisory panel (SAP) and leading research universities worldwide, we enjoy a reputation for a heritage of excellence. By continually refining our understanding of the relationship between plant health and disease control, KeyPlex is able to develop the best products to protect and grow our customers’ business.

A new in-house manufacturing facility, built in 2011, helps maximize KeyPlex’s supply chain relationship. Through our network of material partners, in-house manufacturing facility, quality control and just-in-time inventory, KeyPlex is able to provide our clients with both a trusted partner and timely delivery of their product(s). Increasing our investment in technology, while maintaining a focus on “Made in America,” helps ensure only products of excellence are delivered to our clients.

KeyPlex’s 2014 acquisition of EcoSMART’s agricultural and commercial mosquito abatement division is an example of its focus on the future. EcoSMART is a leader in botanical oils and bio-controls. Botanicals offer an environmentally-friendly solution to pesticide resistance. Understanding the convergence of agricultural practices, environmental sustainability, plant health, disease control and vector control requires a belief in product innovation, stewardship and execution.

KeyPlex’s commitment to the future allows us to unlock the secrets of plant health and disease control — today.