KeyPlex 120


Note: product analysis and/or label may differ depending on State or Country regulations.

KeyPlex 120 is applied to promote root growth. In unfamiliar mixtures use a “jar compatibility” test.


KeyPlex 120 may be applied via irrigation system (drip and spray), spray booms. (Fixed and motorized included vehicle and air).

Application Rate:
Field Crops, Misc. 2-4 fluid oz per acre.
Berries and small fruits, vegetables, and vine 2-4 fluid oz per acre.
Citrus, tropical fruits, peaches, apples, deciduous tree fruits and tree nuts. 8 – 32 fluid oz per acre.
Nursery tree, shrub. 0.85 fluid / 10 gallons of water.
Turf, grasses and hay. 2-4 fluid oz per acre.

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