KeyPlex 120


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KeyPlex 120

KeyPlex 120 is a formulation of micronutrients most often found deficient in commercial crops and trees. It contains alpha-keto acids, which may facilitate utilization of micronutrients, and increase resistance to environmental stress. It also contains humic acid, which may enhance soil micronutrient availability. KeyPlex 120 is formulated for foliar application or fertigation to prevent and correct micronutrient deficiencies when used as directed. Maintaining proper levels of micronutrients usually results in increased plant vigor, better yields, superior fruit size and quality, and longer shelf life.


KeyPlex 120, when added to the spray tank water, will lower the water pH, and can be used in combination with pesticides. However, in unfamiliar mixtures use a “jar compatibility” test.

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KeyPlex 120 may be applied via irrigation system (drip and spray), spray booms. (Fixed and motorized included vehicle and air).

Application Rate

  • Field Crops, Misc.: 4 – 16 fluid oz per acre.
  • Berries and small fruits: 2 – 16 fluid oz per acre.
  • Citrus, tropical fruits, peaches, apples, deciduous tree fruits and tree nuts: 8 – 32 fluid oz per acre.
  • Nursery tree, shrub: 0.85 fluid / 10 gallons of water.
  • Turf, grasses and hay: 2 – 4 fluid oz per acre.
  • Vine: 2 – 16 fluid oz per acre
  • Vegetables: 3 – 16 fluid oz per acre

Information regarding the contents and levels of metal in this product is available on the Internet at:


Crop Rate/Acre First Application Suggested Interval
Citrus, Nut trees, apples, cherries, etc 8-32 fl oz Pre flush or buddin 2-12 applications/yr
Vegetables 3-16 fl oz 1-2 leaf 7-10 days
Berries & small fruits 2-16 fl oz Bud/patel 14 days
Field & row crops 4-16 fl oz 1-2 leaf Per Spray pass
Nursey trees & shrubs .85 fl oz / 10 gals H₂O Bud/patel 7-10 days
Vine 2-16 fl oz Bud 2-6 applications/yr

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