Peach KeyCard

KeyCard for Peaches

» Increase Flower Yield
» Foster Health and Vigor
» Trigger Defense Mechanisms
» Reduce Environmental Stress
» Compatible & Easy to Use
ClearSpacer • With N-P-K’s
ClearSpacer • With Fungicides and insectides
2 quart/acre
4 liter/ha.
Fruit Set
2 quart/acre
4 liter/ha.
After Fruit Thinning: (Alternate every 7-10 days)
1 quart/acre
2 liter/ha.
1 quart/acre
2 liter/ha.
Summer Spray: (After harvest and prunning)
3 quart/acre
4 liter/ha.
KeyPlex products can be applied both via foliar application or fertigation when used as directed. (100 gal./acre or 250 l./ha.)
Nitrogen (N) Available Phos- phate (P2O5) Soluble Potash (K2O) Chlorine (Cl) Calcium (Ca) Magnesium (Mg) Sulfur (S) Boron (B) Iron (Fe) Mang- anese (Mn) Molyb- denum (Mo) Zinc (Zn) Yeast Hydro-lysate Humic Acid
KeyPlex Blossom DP 3.00% 2.00% 1.00% 0.063% 0.05%
KeyPlex 1200 DP  —  —  2.50% 4.00%  0.02%  2.00%  1.14%  0.003% 1.00%  0.063% 0.57%
KeyPlex Ca-Mg-B 4.50% 2.25% 0.50% 0.063% 0.27%


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Systemic Acquired Resistance is the scientific term used to describe the many different natural defense mechanisms, which are switched on (Acquired) by the plant in all it’s tissues (Systemic) in order to defend (Resistance) against pathogen and insect attack.

*KeyPlex 350, EPA Reg. # 73512-1; KeyPlex 350 OR, EPA Reg. # 73512-4, EPA registered bio-pesticide; Yeast Hydrolysate, EPA Reg. # 73512-2


Other Products to Consider: KeyPlex Calcium-Magnesium Plus; KeyPlex 350; KeyPlex 350 OR

For additional information call or e-mail your local KeyPlex representative via e-mail; or call +1-407-682-6500.

KeyPlex can be tank mixed with a number of products and is effective in a wide range of water pH’s. It is recommended that a jar test be performed before mixing with any other products. Consult with your local crop advisor to confirm application rates.