Bigger Berries, Better BRIX

Florida strawberry growers are comprised of about 11,000 commercial acres with direct competition worldwide. With more U.S. consumers demanding better color and flavor, the pressure is on to consistently grow beautiful, sweet berries.

Controlling Blueberry Gall Midge with Botanical Oils

Multiple modes of action coupled with zero pre-harvest interval offer big benefits to growers. Ecotrol Plus, a botanical oil made by KeyPlex, kills the adults, eggs, and nymphs on contact. It also offers advantages conventional sprays don’t, such as repellency and disruption of oviposition (egg-laying).

Helping Citrus Trees Resist Postbloom Fruit Drop

With fungicides on the wane, look to the plants’ own defenses for control. Citrus groves have been so devastated by Huanglongbing (HLB), it’s easy to forget that there are other diseases to manage. Postbloom fruit drop (PFD) is one of them. With more frequent rains...

Good Nutrition Pays Off for Florida Blueberry Grower

Florida blueberry grower Ryan Atwood says healthy plants are better able to respond to the seasonal manipulation necessary in his area. He uses several Keyplex® nutritional products in his blueberry program to keep plants healthy and provide a boost during critical times of growth and fruit production.