Better Nutritionals. Better Berries.

Better Nutritionals. Better Berries.

Scientifically based nutritional products that provide what strawberry plants need at every growth stage to protect and boost yield.


keyplex jumpstart

KeyPlex® Jumpstart 5-20-4

Apply at 2 qts./acre after transplant and right before the shoot sprout or right before pruning. Provides NPK and micronutrients for early root growth, cell division and energy, and formation and transport of sugars.

keyplex blossom

KeyPlex® Blossom Formula DP

Apply at 2 qts./acre at pre-bloom and fruit set. Supplies calcium, magnesium, and boron, which are essenti al in cell wall development, cell division, and fruit set.

keyplex 350 dp

KeyPlex® 350 DP

Apply every 2 weeks at 2 qts./acre until the season ends or when not applying other KeyPlex
products. Supports plants with essential micronutrients magnesium, iron, sulfur and zinc, which together aid chlorophyll synthesis and production, auxin production, and provide resistance to bacterial diseases.

kp 120

KeyPlex® 120

Apply every 2 weeks at 16 oz./acre from the start of the season to the end. Aids in prevention of fungal diseases such as anthracnose and other bacterial diseases at bloom until harvest.


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